Free PDF Perfect FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have the answers to the most frequently asked questions in regards to Free PDF Perfect. Simply click on the question that best matches your question and the answer will appear underneath.

What is a PDF?
PDF is a platform independent file format that can display any document, no matter with what software the document was originally created. A PDF document consists of a collection of objects that display the content of one or multiple sites and, if applicable, can contain additional interactive elements. PDFs can consist of any combination of text, graphics and pictures. They also may contain interactive form boxes.
Out of which programs can a PDF be created?
PDF documents can be created out of any program with a print server, such as Microsoft® Office products, graphics programs, CAD programs, internet browsers and email clients.
Into what program can Free PDF Perfect be integrated?
The advantage of the integration of Free PDF Perfect into different programs is the possibility to directly convert PDFs from the respective program without having to start either a PDF printer tool or a PDF program itself. You may define the integration options of Free PDF Perfect through clicking “start/programs/Freemium/FreePDFPerfect/product configuration”. Just click on the desired option, e.g. to directly convert web sites into a PDF in your internet browser or to activate or deactivate the integration of your pdf program in your office programs.
What does "Editing a PDF document" mean?
You can do a lot of things with a PDF document: Swap the page order, edit file properties, add comments etc. “Editing a PDF document” means that you may change any file content: edit text, adjust pictures and vector graphics. Thus, you can conveniently edit a PDF file without having to do any changes the original document. This can be very useful if you either do not actually possess this document or if it does not exist anymore.
What does "Comment on PDF documents" mean?
When you comment something you are not changing the actual content of the PDF document as the PDF specifications generally allow comments. You can add memos, stamps, markings, vector shapes and texts in comment fields. All these additional information are not part of the document content and, therefore, can be blanked for printing or for any other cases.
Can I convert my PDF file into a Word document?
At the moment, Free PDF Perfect does not offer this function.
Can I export texts or pictures from a PDF document or can I save PDFs as picture or text?
Yes. Please click on "Save as" in the Free PDF Perfect program in order to save PDFs as picture or text files. Additionally, you may save any picture as a single file.
Which System Requirements are important for Free PDF Perfect
Intel 1 GHz Prozessor
512 MB RAM
50 MB on hard disk
Internet connection for updates
XP / Vista / Windows® 7 / Windows® 8
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
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